Your Skin. Your Blendz.


Why Blendz?

We specialize in making high-quality, professional dance apparel and shoes for ALL skin tones.

Find out why WE LOVE what WE DO!

From the studio to the stage

Blendz into the dance season with your dance essentials today! Tights, Ballet shoes and Jazz shoes in 4 BLENDZ to match your skin tone!  


"Blendz Apparel is a much needed dance apparel line for the melanated dancer. The variety of skin tones it caters to are breathtaking! I was in awe as I watched my 6 year old dancer embrace her natural skin tone and feel pretty in the skin she's in with Blendz Apparel"

"As brown skin people, our skin tones range from fair to rich, which makes it pretty difficult to find the right apparel to match our glow. Having worked with various dance productions, I know firsthand when dealing with fittings, their are very few options for us to choose from. I am excited to know there will be a brand geared to producing apparel for our tones. I know you will achieve a goal many have overlooked and it's incredible to know we will not be limited to wardrobe. I am looking forward to the success of Blendz Apparel."

"Blendz is an all inclusive dancewear supply brand that, in my opinion - is in high demand for our dance community. Dancers of all shapes, sizes, and most importantly colors can feel comfortable and confident that tights, shoes and dancewear match the color of their skin. Most importantly, this brand can unify, bridge the gap, and break barriers in what is missing on the market today. As a mixed ethnic dancer, I have always had to paint my own shoes to present the “natural” look. With Blendz, this will be a thing of the past! I am more than supportive of this brand and wish only success and visibility for all dancers!” 

"Ballethnic Dance Company following the tradition of Dance Theatre of Harlem introduced the multi hues of fleshtone shoes and tights in 1990. Bravo Blendz for making it easier and more accessible to match the skin tones."

Thanks to Blendz we no longer have to settle for suntan anymore! Their products more accurately match the variety of dancers skin tones than any other brand.  Knowing it makes our dancers feel good on stage with shoes and tights to match their complexion, we'll definitely be making the switch to Blendz this year! 

"What an exciting time to be a dancer of color! As a dance studio owner for over 32 years, I have struggled to find the proper hues for my dancers. Blendz Apparel is not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye but very comfortable and breathable. Finally, our African-American dancers can be PROUD of what they see in the mirror! Thank you Blendz!"