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Designed By A Dancer

In Atlanta, GA, at the tender age of two, I began dance lessons with dancers who looked just like me. We often wore pink tights and ballet shoes that never matched our complexion or we spent countless hours and money on pounds of make-up, shoe sprays, and dyes attempting to match our tights and shoes to our skin. Unfortunately, there were limited options for dancers whose complexion did not match the traditional pink and suntan shades. 

 Twenty-five years later, I started my own dance academy, DanceMoves, at a recreation center in my hometown. Just as I did throughout my dance career, my dancers and their parents went through the grueling time and money consuming process of finding, spraying and dyeing dancewear to match their complexions. More often than not, as a Director, I found myself frustrated with the end result... tights and dance shoes that never matched each other or the dancer!            

Much to my surprise, I wasn't alone. I found that many dancers and directors across the country were also frustrated with the process and the outcome. We were all desperately seeking other alternatives.
With such a huge need in the industry, I finished up my final year at the academy and devoted 100% of my time, energy, and focus on creating a dance apparel company. I wanted to make sure the core products were manufactured for dancers whose skin tones were not being reflected in the market. From this birthed the creation of....


Blendz exists to not only fulfill an unmet need in the market, but to show there is uniformity in diversity. With Blendz, every dancer can embrace their uniqueness by having apparel and shoes that cater to their skintone. In doing so, we hope to help create a space for inclusion and comfort for EVERY DANCER EVERYWHERE! 

Premium Fleshtone Dance Apparel 

Blendz offers an inclusive selection of high-quality, professional fleshtone dance apparel and shoes in various shades and styles that are specifically designed to flatter the skin tonecontour the shape of the body, and elongate the dancer's line from head to toe. Our apparel and shoes are made not only for the studio and stage but are also designed for the dancer with comfort, convenience and durability in mind.

Dancers Benefit from Every Purchase

A percentage of each purchase goes toward The Valerie Grace Scholarship Fund to assist young dancers furthering their dance education at summer intensive programs and four-year institutions.  

Representation For All

With our company and products we hope to empower and inspire dancers everywhere to pursue their dreams! We believe every artist should be wholly represented. We advocate for artists, teachers, and companies to believe in inclusivity and embrace diversity through dance, education and outreach. Through scholarship and activeness in the community, we at Blendz hope to motivate others to continue to blaze trails of self-love, respect and service to others.