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Supporting Your Child on Their Dance Journey

Supporting Your Child on Their Dance Journey

Give Them Comfort In Their Own Skin

The best feeling a dancer can have is putting on their dancewear and seeing it match their skin. From the tights to the ballet shoes, all dancers deserve to have apparel that gives them confidence. Blendz was created with the core mission of creating products that have all skin tones in mind. Don’t buy the first pair of tights and dance shoes you come across. Take the time to find one that is right for your little dancer.

Balance Dancing and School

Dancing is something kids start doing since they are 3 years old, and the benefits from it go beyond the dance floor. The act of dancing gives kids an increase in social cues, the concept of play, movement, and cognitive thinking skills, which can all transfer to a better performance in class. Find the right time for your kid to practice without it interfering with school, or compromising either. Schools might also have extracurricular activities, one of them might be dancing, so your kid can study and dance right after.

Start Dancing at Home

So how does our child practice when they can’t go to the studio? We dance at home. Parents are the first role models in a kids’ life, and if our child is looking to become a dancer, what better opportunity to bond with them than by dancing together? A fun, interactive, and at times goofy way to further your kids’ love for dance is to go on YouTube and find a song or video to dance to together.

Restful Sleep, Nutritious Meals

Children need a certain amount of hours of sleep to grow, heal, and be strong. Dancing provides physical exercise and dynamic movement, but it’s only as good as the quality diet and restful sleep that accompanies it. To perform their best on and off the dance floor, make sure they are eating food with high nutritional value, and getting time to rest, relax, and recharge for their next practice.


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