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Meet Our Founder - Why Blendz Matters

Meet Our Founder - Why Blendz Matters

1. What is your background in dance? What inspired you to start Blendz? How did you get the idea for the business? 

Dance started for me when I was two years old and my mother took my sister and I to our first dance class in my hometown of Atlanta, GA.  From then on, my love for dance only grew, as did my breadth of study. I studied a variety of dance disciplines including pointe, tap, modern, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. My dance career began when I became a member of my local studio’s dance company, traveling across the country performing and competing. I was also a part of my high school’s Performing Arts magnet program and a dancer in our marching band. I went on to attend rigorous summer intensives including Alvin Ailey and Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City.  It was my summer at Dance Theatre of Harlem in 1999 that completely altered my perception of who I was as a dancer and inspired me to create what we now know as Blendz today. During that summer, I was first exposed to the practice of dyeing fleshtone tights and using make-up to pancake (dye) our shoes to match our skin. Although a time and money consuming process, the outcome looked far better than the non-matching pink and tan tights that I was used to. The practice became my new normal, and I continued to do it even when I returned home. 

Over the years, I continued to study dance at my local studio and high school. I then earned my BA in Dance at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. After college, I returned to Atlanta and started my own dance studio at a local recreation center. Just as I had been doing for over 25 years in dance, I had to show my first-time dance moms how to spray their dancer’s shoes to match their skin tone. Knowing that this was a pain for dancers across the world, I realized I wanted dancers of all hues to be able to conveniently walk into a dancewear store or go online and find dance apparel that matched their skin tone without having to go through any extra steps! 

I finished out the year at my studio and decided to devote 100% of my time, energy and focus to creating Blendz, an all-inclusive dancewear company. My mission is to help diversify the dance world by making fleshtone dancewear accessible to ALL dancers!  

2. What is your favorite part of your job? 

I’d say my favorite part of my job is reading all the emails, DMs, and reviews from excited and overly satisfied Blendz customers! It’s when I’m reposting pictures of dancers looking beautiful in their Blendz that motivates me and inspires me to keep doing the work!  It truly is a joy to see and engage with customers about how happy they are to have tights and shoes that match their skin and how much they absolutely love Blendz! 

3. What motivates you? 

I would say helping others. I’ve always wanted to better the lives of others, and I love that Blendz gives me the opportunity to have an impact on so many lives in so many different ways!

4. How do you generate new ideas for the business? 

I pay close attention to what direction the industry is going in, but ultimately I focus on what my customers say they would like to see next!

5. What value does Blendz bring to your customers? Why does Blendz matter? 

Blendz provides value by saving our customers, time, money and energy in finding and using dyes, sprays, and make-up in an attempt to match your dancewear and dance shoes to their skin tone. Long gone are those days. Dancers appreciate the convenience of being able to order online or go into the dancewear store.

Blendz matters because our dancewear gives dancers of all hues the representation and inclusion they deserve in the dance industry. We give dancers the tools to help be the best version of themselves by exuding their confidence inside and out. 

6. Finally, what’s something you’d like your customers to know about you? 

That I am dedicated to making sure you can be the BEST you in your OWN skin!